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Ensuring Your Caravan Is Safe During Winter

At winter times, you hardly or never use your caravan at all. At times when you might be too busy as this is also the time where most of our relatives whom we hardly see for the entire year will come and visit, you might want to ensure the safety of your prized possession. Yes, I say prized possession as vehicles in general are expensive, in fact, for some families, owning a caravan is already an accomplishment. So, for you to make sure that your caravan will still be in good condition for the next season, see to it that is properly stored, like in a safe place where some is on guard 24/7.


Well, you might say that you have your own garage, but then again, are you keeping an eye on it all the time? Take note that burglars are just increasing every day because of the hard times. So, instead of putting your investment at risk, you can instead have it stored on one of those agencies that are providing safe caravan storage. However, thinking of a safe place will not only be your concern when storing your caravan. You also need to ensure that the caravan is ready for the storage. And on that note, here are some tips in preparing it:

– One way of making sure that your caravan will not deteriorate while stored is to have it cleaned thoroughly first. This is also a great time for you to check if everything in it is still okay. One thing though, when choosing cleaning agents, see to it that though they are powerful, they must be appropriate for caravans as you might only damage some parts of your caravans with their strength.

– Actually, tires should not be left standing for a long period of time. However, you can resolve this by utilizing winter wheels or clamps that are designed to prevent degradation. You can also check your tires by turning on your wheels at least every two months and at the same time check the pressure as well if they are still okay.

– When dealing with the interior part, see to it that no water will be left behind as this will surely generate mildew and many others. Then left the fridge open and those spring loaded blinds. Take away all the cushions from the van and store them in a well ventilated place or you can just store them in your own place for the time being. One last thing, see to it that all the windows are close and roof lights as well.

So, these tips should leave your caravan in good condition while being stored. As long as it is stored in a safe place like caravan storage facility in Gold Coast, where someone is guarding it 24/7; your caravan should be alright and readily usable for the next season. So, your next step would be to scout for safe and appropriate caravan storage. Check out online or in the yellow pages in your area.