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The Three Outlets of Creative Branding

There are three major outlets where creative branding can take place and each of them have an immense importance in the branding success of your business. Succeeding in all three of these outlets is difficult in today’s landscape but it’s important that you use your creative genius to create a marketing strategy to thrive within each one.

Since the internet is now an obvious outlet, we’ve left that out and provided you with a brief look into exactly what needs to be done to succeed within each individual outlet:

Social Media

Social media creative branding is the most tricky by far because it’s a platform that is designed to be informal and personable. A lot of businesses have difficulty going from the professional, get right down to business attitude to the laid back and personable attitude that is required to succeed on social media.

People enjoy humor on social media and most likely are not checking their news or twitter feeds in order to find out what products you have to offer this month. While succeeding in the social media world can be difficult, there are also a lot of great opportunities for your business to present the personable attitude that a lot of customers adore.

One of the more difficult parts of the social media sphere is that the laid back atmosphere that it offers can sometimes make people let their guard down. There is still a heavy importance on being politically correct within the social media sphere since anything that you say can and will be used against you in the court of viral public opinion.


Commercials are becoming more creative than ever and the game is beginning to be changed on the way creative branding is being done on tv. While branding on tv has been going on for decades now, it’s becoming a much more competitive battle for the type of campaigns that are winning the hearts of the viewers.

Commercials and campaigns that touch on the heart or the funny bone still reign supreme in the tv landscape. Anything that is humorous or is able to allow the viewer to feel strong emotions is going to be much more successful than a simple promotional commercial.


Print is dying and it’s dying quickly. Those are the words that have been said for years now and they’re beginning to come true more than ever. Advertising and creative branding is becoming much more difficult to do within the print landscape as readership has begun to plummet.

While there has been a shift towards internet media, there are still opportunities for creative branding Sydney when you’re targeting a specific market. Many enthusiasts of a particular product still thoroughly enjoy reading the many specific magazines and newspapers available. Succeeding within the print outlet involves narrowing down a very specific target market while focusing on their specific wants and needs.