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Pot Washers for a Commercial Kitchen

Pots and pans used in commercial kitchens vary greatly in shape and size and almost all of them are definitely larger or taller than your average utensils. Naturally, the pot washer you select should have enough interior space so as to fit even your largest utensil without effort. The ideal washer should have a little more empty space even after accommodating your largest pot so that you can squeeze in a few more utensils. It should also have specialized racks to hold the voluminous pots and pans in place during the wash cycle.


The pot washer you buy for your commercial kitchen should be versatile enough to be able to wash every type of utensil thoroughly no matter how tough the stain or how large the utensil. It should have a powerful; heavy duty wash pump that can successfully clean even the dirtiest of pots, different types of wash cycles for different stains (such as light; medium and heavy-duty) and strong; stainless steel interiors for maximum durability and strength.

Digital Control Panel

Commercial utensils need precise and thorough cleaning each and every time. The ideal pot washer must allow you to set exact temperature and other specifications depending on the type of pots to be cleaned and the nature of stains to be removed. The pot washer you buy should therefore have digital panel displaying temperature, functions in use and the wash cycle selected.

Compact Design

Commercial pot washers are usually bulky machines but if you are short of space, you will need a washer that is compact yet highly efficient. The washer should be small enough to easily fit under your kitchen countertop or any other corner of your small commercial kitchen.

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