How to Get Painting Services

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How to Get Painting Services

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A lot of people want to do repainting by themselves to save labour costs. What they don’t realise is that they’re selling themselves short of a good paint job. Getting professional painting services ensures that the results are consistently good, every time. Whether it be for business or home, these are your best bet for getting the best results possible.

Here are some tips on how to hire a professional painter.

  • Residential or business?

Residential projects aren’t usually labour intensive. At most, you’ll probably need one to two people working at one time. However, for businesses, it might take a team to complete the job. Establishments are usually bigger than homes. As such, they require more manpower to complete. To add to this, time is always of the essence for businesses. The longer the work goes, the more money you’ll lose. Because fast, efficient service is a priority, it’s always best to hire a team.

Painting Contractors

  • Where do you want it?

Exterior painting takes a lot more work than interiors. Walls and roofs outside take much more damage from the environment. Without the right types of paint, the paint job won’t last very long. Experts use certain techniques to ensure outdoor coating are weatherproof. To add to this, they have solutions for common outdoor painting problems.

Apart from using specialised paints, they will use a protective layer after the coat dries. This prevents moisture from seeping into the colour, lessening the risk of cracking and other forms of damage. To add to this, some surfaces simply don’t take paint well. Metal, in particular, is not porous. This means the paint won’t stick to it. You’ll get patchy paintwork if you use regular paint.

When it comes to challenging outdoor surfaces, experts will use specialised solutions. For metal, a base coat is applied to make sure the paint sticks. Another top coat is used to prevent the colour from sliding off. If this is a problem you’re facing, expect to pay a bit more for materials and labour. Think of it as an investment for your structure’s curb appeal.


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