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Wedding Photography and Video for Your Big Day

It is a very important day in most people’s lives. The day you get married. It is one of those events which just stays in your memory for all time. However, most couples wish that their special day be immortalised in some way so that they may remember it for many years to come. The most common method for creating long lasting mementos are wedding photography and video. The visual image, both still and moving are great for catching the essence, the unique feel and the atmosphere of your big day. This is why they are in such high demand. People feel close to the visual image because it captures something of the moment forever, this is especially true for the still image.

The still image can push your wedding into the realms of immortality through its ability to be indexical. This means that a photography takes a likeness of a moment with a level of detail and crispness which is not rivalled in painting or in any other visual medium. Having photographs of an event allows you to continually revisit certain moments from the event and relive them again. The great deal of artistic license which comes with photography not only allows one to have a close representation of what actually happened, but by using visual techniques, wedding photography and video can capture the essence of the event in the image. This gives it a great emotive value.

The moving image can contribute to the memory value of the event in a much different way. Still images record moments, moving images record narratives. When you watch your wedding video, you are getting the entire story of the event retold. However, this is not merely a carbon copy of what actually happened on the day. It is styled visually, using different framing techniques and movie making standards in order to emotionally guide you as well as literally. There are also all of the usual visual techniques which you will find in any wedding photography and video package which helps to define the unique feeling at the ceremony.

So if you are in search for a novel way to make that special day even more special, you best arrange for it to be recorded both in the moving and the still image. This means that each special moment is immortalised while at the same time, the entire narrative is being retold. Both still and moving images can be made complimentary if they both use the same visual language giving you a feeling of completeness and oneness in the package. Tree Photo Video have a variety of wedding photography packages in Melbourne to suit any budget. Contact the team now.