LED Lighting Systems

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LED lighting are generally being developed every day in the industry. Led lighting fixtures are being used by all kinds of businesses and households not only for cost efficiency and energy conservation, but also for aesthetic purposes. Aside from these obvious benefits, LED lighting are also much safer to use because they do not break easily, do not emit heat, and they.

LED lighting systems are extraordinary compared to incandescent and even compact florescent lights (cfls). With a 50 thousand -hour lamp life (over twice that of cfls), LED Lighting systems can easily last more than a decade before requiring replacement – greatly reducing maintenance costs associated with conventional systems. As the time and labor traditionally dedicated to servicing bulbs globes, lamps and ballasts is significantly reduced, facility maintenance resources are freed up to focus on other tasks. Additionally, LEDs company are inherently more environmentally friendly and has no mercury and other harmful chemicals.

LED was first used as status and indicator lamps, and more recently in under-shelf illumination, accent lighting, and directional marking applications, high-brightness LEDs have emerged within the last six years. But only recently have they been seriously looked upon as a feasible option in general purpose lighting applications. Before you recommend or install this type of lighting system, you should understand the basic technology upon which these devices are based.

A relatively low-energy means of emitting light, light emitting diode (LED) technology is used in many electronic devices used frequently in the average home. LED is different from the standard light bulb seen in most homes because it uses an electrified semiconductive material to produce light instead of an electrified filament. A nearly omnipresent form of lighting, LED technology is used in computers, televisions, remote controls, and flashlights, as well as in signs, traffic lights, and architectural and stage lighting.

LED lighting are an absolute must for people living or planning to live off the grid, and a must for companies who are looking to save money that directly affects the corporate by power saving technology. No mercury, no flickering, no warm up time, no uv light, and no risk of burning are all benefits of this technology. We believe that this signals the death of the common incandescent light bulb. It is time to wave good-bye to flickering fluorescents & power guzzling incandescent bulbs. Our LED light bulbs help the planet breath easier, as every incandescent and fluorescent bulb replaced with an led means less coal burned to produce electricity, less greenhouse gas emission, reduced mercury pollution and less solid waste to be disposed off in landfills.

“LED may be little, but new high-brightness models are producing a considerable amount of light.”

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