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Sangat: One of the Best Scuba Resorts in the Philippines

Far from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city life, Coron, Palawan is a secluded tropical getaway. Aside from its wide sandy beaches that are teeming with marine creatures, it is also home to scuba diving sites that are among the best in the world.

Here’s a tip. If you want to visit the island, make sure to book at Sangat Island Resort, one of the best scuba resorts in the Philippines. Here are the reasons why:


Sangat Dive resort is more than just a luxurious hotel in Palawan. It’s also a hub of creativity and culture focused on showcasing the finest and locally available materials in the island. All their rooms are constructed according to the techniques of local artists in the Philippines. Their cottages, bungalow suites and bedrooms are made of bamboo and cogon grass.

Even so, all their rooms are well-ventilated and have electrical outlets. This fabulous tropical island cove is equipped with modern amenities.


This resort has restaurants and bars which can give you an authentic island experience native to the place. Thus, if you want to want to try the best cuisine and local drinks that the place can offer, make sure to stay here.


When it comes to activities, you’ll never run out of options when you stay in this resort. This hotel is teeming with pools, spas, native massage centres and many more.  They also offer jet skiing, kayaking and island hopping. You may even want to socialise with the hospitable locals.

Diving Centres

Underwater Ocean Divers Swim Coral Fish

Do you want to learn scuba diving? If so, then you should book at this resort. It has diving centres which you can rent scuba diving equipment, including complete diving gears. There are also instructors who can teach you everything you need to know about this activity. These professionals will guide you about the things you must do when underwater.

If you want to visit Palawan, book at one of the best scuba resorts in the Philippines, Sangat Dive Resort. For more information regarding their packages and services, visit their website today.