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Things to Keep in Mind when Getting Custom Designed Shade Sails Made

When it comes to your home, you probably choose each and every product with care. If you are house proud then you must have thought of installing shade sails to give your outdoor seating arrangement some comfort and beauty. However because of the numerous brands offering a wide range of variety in the market it can be difficult for you to choose the perfect fit for your home. If you are considering customised shade sail purchase then there are some things you should look at.

Commercial grade sails

Look for commercial grade shade sails as they are supposed to be fire resistant and hardware loaded. The corners should be reinforced, the supporting structure should be of stainless steel and the fabric should meet international best quality standards like ASTM, NFPA etc. the manufacturer who is making customised sails for you must adhere to the industry standards in terms of material and quality.

Quality of water resistance

Not all shade sails are water resistant and if a particular manufacturer is making this claim then you need to check the authenticity behind his statements. The truth is that most sails can hold up against a light drizzle but once a heavy downpour starts some water will probably seep inside. If you live in an area which sees a lot of rain or if you plan to use your sail consistently throughout all kinds of bad weather then you need to order a customised water resistant sail but it will be a more expensive proposition. The pitch should be large so that there is not much water accumulation.

Choosing the colour

Not every shade sail comes with equal U.V resistant properties and a lot of this depends on the colour you choose. The darker the colour of the sail, the better UV resistant properties is. The colour of the sail you choose will obviously depend upon the colour of your home, the look you are aiming to create and your personal aesthetic choices. However if sun protection is your key goal then you would be better off choosing a sail which has darker shades like navy blue, dark brown, dark green etc.

Send a picture and the exact measurements

The design of the sail will depend upon the probable mounting point location in your home. The sails can be a custom made in almost all types of size and shape so you can choose amongst a wide variety of layouts. You should send a picture of the location where you want your shade to be installed and the exact measurements of the shade you want. If the manufacturer is good enough he will quickly suggest a customised solution for you.