Types of Workplace Hazards

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Compensation lawyers prove the company’s culpability by taking witness statements, observing the scene and proving the link between the accident and the company. The company is responsible for proper safety checks and fails to ensure that all the provided equipment meets the safety standard. Psychical exertion is another issue that many workers suffer because of continuous physical labour.

Ergonomic hazards

You experience these kinds of hazards when you do repetitive work and your body undergoes strain due to the uncomfortable positions. If keep forcing your body into stressful position, it will cause lasting damage on your muscles and body.

Ergonomic hazard include poor lighting that causes eye soreness and vision problems, back pains due to lax furniture, poor posture due to uncomfortable furniture, and repetitive movements that causes muscle injuries. Forcing your body to perform when it is tired and you haven’t enough breaks comes under the ergonomic hazard.

Biological Hazards

Employees who work in medical or health facilities are regularly exposed to the harmful organismslike viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria. If the proper safety guidelines are not met, then employees are likely be infected with dangerous diseases and pathogens. Also, there is the chance for industrial and office workers to be exposed to biological hazards when they touch mold and asbestos that has been allowed to accumulate due to the company’s negligence. Compensation Lawyers Sydney can easily find evidence to this fact.

Preventing Accidents at Work

What your employees wear to the workplace defines their safety in the work area to a large extent. In an industry, it is important that the work gear include helmets, industrial grade safety gloves, boots, eye gear and other protective elements. It is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are aptly dressed before entering the work area.

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